Just Nice Wood

Artistically Designed, Finely Crafted Hardwood Products


1 - We generally have well over a hundred boards in stock.  Below is just a partial, representative sampling of our inventory until the website is  fully operational. 

2 - Use the "Contact Us" page to inquire about other products and options or to discuss a custom order.

3 - If you want purchase something obtain the board number and price from the yellow tag in the photo and use the "Contact Us" page to place an the order.

4 - All cutting boards are one of a kind.  No two boards are exactly the same.

5 - All lengths shown in the photo captions are rounded off to the nearest 2" increment i.e. 16", 18", 20" etc.

6 - Cutting boards are approximately 1" thick.  Bread boards are approximately 3/4" thick. 

7 - 26" Boards are finished on both sides.  One side has a juice ring, the other is smooth.  This enables one side to be used for cutting and the other side can be preserved for appearance.

8 - All other length boards have lifting grooves on the ends and button feet on the bottoms to keep the board just off the counter and out of any liquids.